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Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry (TUAF) was established in 1969 and is a member University of Thai Nguyen University. Over 50 years of construction and development, Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry has become a leading center for training and transferring science and technology in agriculture, forestry, natural resource management, and environment for Northern midland and mountainous provinces of Vietnam.

The university always creates the most favorable conditions for learners to have a good and modern learning environment in order to meet their social needs. Therefore, TUAF has focused on investing in modern facilities for training, scientific research, and teacher fostering.

University facilities - an important factor to ensure the requirements of improving the quality of training and conducting scientific research are regularly upgraded. The campus has a system of fully-equipped classrooms, multi-purpose classrooms with machines; the system of laboratories is invested with modern machinery to meet the learning and conducting scientific research requirements of students and staff;

A modern library, practice workshop, stadium, multi-purpose gymnasiums are well constructed to serve teaching and learning activities. The campus also has a dormitory, a medical station to serve the needs of housing, living, and health care for students.



TUAF’s classroom system is arranged on 3-5-floors - buildings with up to 60 classrooms in 04 main lecture halls (Lecturer A, C, D, lecture hall of the Center for International Education and Development) with a total area of 10,089 m2. The classrooms are fully equipped with basic teaching facilities such as projectors and Internet access systems. There are also interactive boards, multi-object projectors, cameras, teaching aids, handwritten slip boards, and WiFi access points in some classrooms for teaching and learning.


 The Campus currently has 34 laboratories in specialized faculties and research institutes with an area of 4,811 m2 for learning as well as scientific research.




TUAF currently has 5 computer labs to serve the practice of specialized parts and exams on machines, and 01 animal husbandry practice house with a total area of 840 square meters.




There are 9 models of practical training with an area of ​​575,368 m2 to meet the demand for internships and scientific research.




TUAF's Library and Information Center is in a 3-floors building located on the campus with an area of ​​nearly 1900 square meters, supplying nearly 500 seats for study and research. TUAF invested in a modern e-library with a rich database of publications, meeting the increasing needs of academic and scientific research of staff, lecturers, and students of all levels in the university. The library space is cool, comfortable, and friendly to inspire readers. The library includes reading rooms, presentation rooms, seminar rooms, conference rooms, and shared study spaces. In addition, there is also a space for information services including information counters, new document display area, computer use area, quick access points, automatic borrowing, and returning books points.


TUAF offers 03 dormitories: Dormitory A has 03 5-floor buildings with 105 rooms; dormitory K has 06 5-floor buildings with 234 rooms; Dormitory International Training and Development Center has a 3-floor block with 24 rooms. These dormitories were fully equipped well facilities to serve students such as air conditioning, internet ...




The sports system includes stadiums, the multi-purpose court with an area of 3,700 m2, 04 artificial grass courts, 02 tennis courts, 02 outdoor training fully equipped for training activities, scientific research, teacher training, and physical practice for all staff and for the organization of sports competitions.