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List of TUAF Approved Research Projects

03/06/2021 07:29 - Xem: 2902
In addition to the fund for research, the University receives from Ministry of Science and Technology and from Ministry of Education and Training through yearly project approval and funding, The University also grants and funds various research projects yearly. This fund targets to young staff.

List of TUAF Approved Research Projects 2019

Research on Trichanthera gigantea food plant (T..gigantea) for rabbit and chicken breeding. Tu Trung Kien

Study on cultivation techniques and nutritional value of Moringa oleifera plants used in animal husbandry. Tu Quang Hien

List of TUAF Approved Research Projects 2018

Studying on technological process of producing new generation Biochar-mineral fertilizers. Do Thi Lan

List of TUAF Approved Research Projects 2017

Studying changes in flow volume and forecasting droughts and floods in the context of climate change in Cau river basin with SWAT and GIS models. Phan Dinh Binh.

List of TUAF Approved Research Projects 2016

“Application of GIS technology, remote sensing and SWAT model to assess land use change and soil erosion level in Ba Be Lake basin, Bac Kan province”. Nguyen Quang Thi.

Research on forecasts and solutions to prevent wood hazards at Thai Nguyen University. Nguyen Thi Tuyen

Study on the forestry characteristics of Pseudotsuga Breviflia W. C Cheng & L.K.FU, 1975 and propose conservation solutions in Ha Giang province. Le Van Phuc.

List of TUAF Approved Research Projects 2015

Trials using fresh stems and leaves of some sweet sorghum varieties as feed for beef . Nguyen Hung Quang

Studying the growth and development capacity of newly native bananas made from imported raw materials in Northern mountainous conditions. Nguyen Huong Xiem.

Study on agro-biological characteristics and some technical measures for Dai Minh pomelo variety. Vu Thi Nguyen

Study on the correlation between cultivation techniques and biological characteristics and starch content of new cassava variety HL-28 in Thai Nguyen. Hoang Kim Dieu

Study on the forestry characteristics of Duabanga grandis flora Roxb.ex DC for afforestation in Bac Kan province. Le Sỹ Hong

Studying on forestry characteristics of Dendrocalamus giganteus in Dien Bien province. Dang Thi Thu Ha.

Factors affecting the economic efficiency of farmer households after acquiring agricultural land in industrial zones in Phu Binh district, Thai Nguyen province.Ho Luong Xinh

Improve livelihoods for ethnic minorities in Vo Nhai District, Thai Nguyen Province. Tran Le Bich Hong