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Department of Personnel and Administrative Affairs

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With the establishment and development of University of Agriculture and Forestry, the Department of Administration and Organization was established in 1970. When it was first established, it was named the Department of Personnel and Administrative Affairs

   Department of Personnel and Administrative Affairs


1. Functions

Acting as a counsellor for the President on staff organization; general administration; legislative affairs and emulation and commendation.

2. Duties

2.1. Staff organization

- Develop strategies and policies on human resource development and set up the University’s job position project to be suited for the development in accordance with the regulations;

- Submit to the President for promulgating decisions on the establishment, dissolution, merger and division of units under the University according to the decentralization of Thai Nguyen University;

- Act as a legitimate lead in making the written regulations on the functions and duties of units and organizations of the University;

- Propose to the President on establishing councils such as the University’s Admission Council, Recruitment Council, Salary Review Council, Emulation and Commendation Council, Disciplinary Review Council, etc., according to the regulations;

- Make a plan for human resource planning and recruitment and submit it to Thai Nguyen University for approval; perform recruitment, training, fostering, transfer, appointment, dismissal, etc., according to the current regulations and decentralization of Thai Nguyen University;

- Make a plan for training and fostering staff to meet standards by job title, management job title and leadership job title;

- Extend working and visiting time of lecturers who hold the titles of professors, associate professors and doctors and reach retirement age; settle the retirement regime for staff and employees;

- Implement policies on social insurance, resignation, leave of absence, job transfer, labor regime and regime for war invalids and martyrs’ families, etc.

- Take action on evaluating and disciplining staff and employees;

- Settle the salary and allowance regime for staff and contractual employees such as salary increase, rank arrangement, rank raising, seniority allowance, toxic work allowance, etc., according to legal documents and guidelines of Thai Nguyen University;

- Manage, update and supplement information in staff’s records and labor contracts. Summarize, statisticize and report on staff organization as required;

- Carry out internal political protection activities; verify and investigate staff and employees’ background as required.

2.2. General administration

- Preside over managing and storing all types of information and documents; organize, manage and provide units with guidance on the University’s administration, papers and archives according to the regulations; check document formats before submitting to the University’s leaders for signing and promulgation; manage and use seals;

- Make weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual work plans. Check and supervise units implementing the University’s plans. Make periodic, unscheduled and final reports related to the performance of the University’s duties;

- Cooperate with units in organizing events, holidays, conferences, seminars, meetings and sessions of the University’s leaders;

- Welcome and make arrangements for partners to contact and work with the University; provide the University’s appropriate information to partners and handle the press issues;

- Manage the use of meeting rooms, cars and other equipment for the University's activities.

2.3. Legislative affairs

- Give professional advice and provide assistance for the President in legal issues related to the organization, management and operation of the University; ensure that the University operates in accordance with the law and implements legal principles; protect the legitimate rights and interests of the University, staff, employees and learners;

- Develop, institute and execute the University’s programs, plans and internal management regulations on legislative affairs on the basis of programs, plans and management regulations on legislative affairs of the Ministry of Education and Training and Thai Nguyen University;

- Check, review and systematize documents under the management of the University; act as a counsellor and propose amending, supplementing or revoking regulatory documents when discovering inadequacies or inappropriateness;

- Make suggestions for draft legal documents; make recommendations to the competent authorities on amending, supplementing or promulgating legal documents;

- Appraise or give legal advice on important documents (statutes, regulations, decisions, processes, projects, internal rules, etc.) drafted by the University’s units before submitting to the President for signing and promulgation;

- Monitor, urge and check the compliance with the law of the State; act as a counsellor for the University on measures to prevent and overcome consequences and propose handling violations of law, internal rules and statutes;

- Propagate, disseminate and give instructions on the law, internal rules and statutes of relevant agencies and the University to staff, employees and learners of the University;

- Monitor, urge, check, review, sum up partially and summarize the University’s results of legislative performance.

- Cooperate with relevant agencies and organizations in legislative affairs.

2.4. Emulation and commendation

- Manage emulation and commendation for the collective and the individual of the University according to the current regulations;

- Develop plans, contents, programs and measures to implement the University’s emulation and commendation well; organize and implement emulation movements and set typical examples.

- Assist the Emulation and Commendation Council and the Academic Council in reviewing emulation titles and scientific titles under their management.

- Prepare and submit documents to the competent authorities for considering scientific titles, emulation titles and commendation forms from Thai Nguyen University or higher education institution. Prepare and submit documents to the competent authorities for considering emulation titles and commendation forms for the collective and the individual under their management upon request.

2.5. Militia and self-defense

- Comply with the provisions of the Law on Militia and Self-defense forces;

- Build up militia and self-defense forces and annually train militia and self-defense forces according to the training plan of the Provincial Military Command and Thai Nguyen University;

- Develop and implement defense plans at the University under the guidance of the Provincial Military Command and Thai Nguyen University.

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